I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah Boothby from Soundreef about several aspects of the music business. Soundreef is based in London but also operates in the USA, Italy, France, Sweden and Spain. They provide music for thousands of stores across Europe, and reach over 45 million customers every month.

We discuss topics such as film placement, what the future may look like and even physical distribution:

‘The base problem with physical distribution is that any physical distributor can get products on to the shelf, but it’s getting the products off the shelf – that’s not the distributor’s job, it’s the artist and/or label’s job. And a lot of artists or labels don’t seem to understand that – they think, when you sign up with a distributor, that it means you’re going to magically start collecting cheques because you’re just going to be selling tons of records, but all they’re doing is getting it on the shelf and your job is to get it off. A lot of them don’t know how to do that. They’re saying that distributors are stiffing them, they’re not giving people their money, but in reality, they owe their distributor money because the distributor spent a lot of money to get you on the shelf, and you’re not selling so now you owe them money.’

Part 1 was published today and can be read by clicking here.